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Rianna Forbes 

"I just don’t give a F what anyone thinks about it! My body, my bikini, my vibe!"

We LOVE this girl boss so much. She inspires us on the daily and is so motivational for all females wanting to look and feel their best ! We took a few minutes of her time to ask her some of her tips and tricks on how she stays so BAD ASS ! 

Do you find it hard or easy to keep in shape and stay on a fitness regime ?

I personally am super blessed to live and work my dream job - so I get to move a ton doing what I love as a personal trainer. For me staying fit isn’t a regimen - it is my life.

Whats your favourite exercise to keep that booty poppin’!?

GLUTE THRUSTS/BRIDGE heavy and lots of sets hehe

What do you think is the sexiest body part?

I love sexy shoulders and collar bones tbh AND delicious juicy quads are the best too.

For busy ladies, what do you think is the most effective exercise to squeeze into their schedules for keeping bikini ready all year long?

The best exercise if I had to say just do X - would be squats because you work a ton of different muscles including your core! BUT if it were an exercise PROGRAM I'd say focus on hitting full body workouts 2-3x a week if you don’t have time for a classic split program.

Do you ever feel pressure to stay in perfect shape?

Absolutely! But the pressure I don’t see as negative - I love working on my body and myself and progressing - pressure over long period of time makes a perfect diamond ;)

How do you stay so confident In a bikini?

I just don’t give a F what anyone thinks about it! My body, my bikini, my vibe! I think thats what confidence is all about - knowing not everyone will like you, but knowing you love yourself.

Do you think living your best life means keeping fit? What does that statement mean to you?

Absolutely. Fitness is the #1 proven thing to prolong your life expectancy AND quality.

What are you working on in 2020?

Ohhh this is a secret but YOUUU know. The rest of the world stays in the dark for now hehe

Where can our readers find you and follow along?


@riannaforbes on IG

And Rianna Forbes Fitness on Facebook YOUTUBE TO COME!

Thank you SO much RI!

You guys can email Ri about her programs and more :

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