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What bikini style best suits your body?

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

When shopping online sometimes it can be a little confusing trying to pick the right bottom style , are we right ?

If your a Bikini fanatic like us then you have probably seen different ways to explain bottom styles from every different company . From full bottoms & boy-shorts to tini-tiny thongs, how do you know what's right for you?

Since we hand make everything to order we can always change your bottom style to fit what makes you comfortable and for your personal preference .

Everyone has different confidence and comfort levels, so preference is individually yours. Some prefer to show off more while some prefer to be more modest . Sometimes you need to try every single different style so you can figure out what works for you.

For example, I have always been very self-conscious of my body as I tend to fluctuate the same ten pounds back and forth all the time . I can go from being super in shape to feeling like I'll never wear a bikini again! A lot of people would never believe this because I am always posting bikini pictures, because well bikinis are what I do for a living ! BUT, it sometimes takes me 50 or more pictures to find one that I like and then we all of course use a little editing to smooth out un-wanted bumps and wrinkles. In fact I will rarely wear a bikini around other people unless I am on vacation because I am so self- conscious of my body.

We all have insecurities and many of us struggle with cellulite - myself included- , and its nothing to be ashamed of. However this can play a major part in our confidence and choosing a bikini that is flattering for out body types, whatever that type may be.

In real life you can't edit out these unwanted things so we need to figure out the best way to make out bodys look great ! On & off the beach !

I always thought that a bikini that covered more bum would make me look thinner, but when I started trying on different cuts I realized this was not true. For me, being athletic with a bigger bum and legs being a little bigger than I would like, I find a high cut V shape bottom with a thong back is the most flattering on my body. This elongates my legs as its cut higher and sits above my hips, and the thong-cut actually does the same in the back. I would of never gone near a thong before I actually tried one on for myself. I always choose scrunch bum, but , for me I now know a high cut thong works best .

You can request a bottom to be a low cut or high cut for any of our bikinis. Lower bottoms sit on your wider part of the hip and you should go by that measure. You can also request a V cut front, like the first photo here, or you could do a high waisted bottom, or even a 90's style bottom - where its high waisted but also high cut on the hips.

Customize any bikini to your exact liking

Here is another thing to consider when choosing the right bikini:

Are you lounging by the pool or playing frisbee and Marco-polo?!

The most important consideration to make when choosing your bikini bottom is to consider what activities you will be doing, are you lounging & sittin pretty or are you playing?

I would not be choosing a swarovski bikini with jewelry bottoms to build sand castles and play in the ocean (okay maybe if it was for a cute pic !) , I would choose a simple more sporty style bottom ! If it's for a photoshoot or a pool party - then go glam !

Are you buying more than one? If your on a budget and can only choose one style then I would go first for a classic style that you can repeatedly wear, and that can be good for tanning & lounging but also if you want to do an activity. My choice would be the MINIMALISTIC or if you like one pieces I Love the RAY OF SUNSHINE. Both sexy and cute but classic and can be worn many times.

If your buying more than one & like to collect bikinis like me , then go for some more stand out pieces, I would name some but ya'll know all our bikinis are glamorous AF!

My hips are HUGE ---> Stick to something more solid , no crazy patterns, and go for a cut that is higher cut to elongate and sit on top of the hip. This appears to elongate by drawing attention away from the hips and adds length to your legs .

My bum is SO flat ---> Choose something with a print or frills or ruffles, or even crystals and jewels, to give the illusion that there is more there. Trust me ! It works ! Scrunch bums also give the affect of a larger bum and have such a flattering cut on most body types. Try also choosing a brighter color!

Miss applebottom ---> Like I was saying before, sometimes smaller works better! Unless your trying to cover your big ol booty up then a fuller bottom or something with side ties is a great fit for a bigger bottom. & Black is always slimming, even in bikinis ! So choose a darker color and stay away from Nudes and light colors . I would also stay away from loud prints and bright colors if your wanting to be more modest.

For the girls that Love their big booty then your lucky ladies because almost every style works ! Personally like I was saying previously I find that a higher cut above the hips and smaller cut bottom works magically !

Okay ,so now you found your perfect bikini bottom , customizing it almost as much as your Starbucks latte, but your still feeling like you don't really want to be running around in a bikini. That's what coverups are for ! & Have you seen our new Resort Chiffon pants? CLICK HERE , I'm seriously obsessed . They are absolutely gorgeous and give you a little bit of coverage but still let that bikini shine through !

Or, another option is doing a Goddess Wrap. These are our signature chiffon floor length open skirts that have a crystal embellished front and satin tie back. They are open in the front and back and flow as you walk.

Cute right? You can click the image to view them on our store ! They are customizable in any length and color or even a pretty print. Take them with or without the crystals if you want to be fancier or more simple.

If you want to be completely covered then choosing a short or long wrap will do the trick, or a sundress .

There's always a way to find pieces that will fit every body type, even when it comes to beachwear !

A bikini doesn't have to be a scary thought anymore ! Especially when you can customize something exactly to your liking !

If you want some help choosing out the perfect fit and style for you just shoot us an email at or use the chat on our site !

Do you guys have Bikini style tips you want to share?! Shoot us a message , we would love to hear from you !

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