Design your own DREAM bikini 

Want to Design your very own Swimsuit or make a customization on a Swimsuit or Resort item we already sell?

Do you have a honeymoon or bachelorette party in the near future?

We do group pricing as well for special occasions.

As well as custom Swarovski lettering on nay garments.


As all our items are handmade , we can customize just about anything.

Including customized sizing - items fit to your exact measurements, Fabrics, stones, jewelry ,styles, you name it.

We have hundreds of fabrics, jewels, crystals, laces, embellishments, etc to choose from.

You can do anything from simple customizations on styles we sell or work with us from scratch to design your very own dream piece.

Please note however, ANY changes or customizations must be placed via custom order and cannot be made one you have already made an order. We do not accept requests for changes or additions to suits unless a custom order is placed.

Custom fees will apply to any and all changes to items .Custom fees cannot be discounted and are not part of any promotions.

How to Begin 

Contact us via our CHAT( bottom right corner) or the Contact Form below

Please Include as much information as you can to begin, including:

Name & Email 

Items you want to customize or in detail what your looking for 

Your size information: We go by bra cup size, and hip and waist measure in CM or IN

Please be aware of rates below before inquiring about custom orders. 


Change fabric color - 9.99 per suit on kids , 15.99 on adults 

Lining - 9.99

Change fabric to a print or sequins or any specialty fabric - 19.99 -pattern, 29.99 Sequins - PER SUIT

Change crystal color - 12.99 on kids, 19.99 on adult (regular crystals)

Opal or specialty color crystals starting at 39.99

Add more crystals - depends on style of suit/ how many your adding - starts at 19.99

Add pearls - depends on style of suit/ how many your adding - starts at 19.99

Plus sizes (sizes bigger than what's available online may be subject to additional crystal charges depending on the style . 

Custom sizing - starts at 19.99

Complete custom bikini design - new pattern - starts at 59.99


Add padding - SOME styles padding can be added - pricing depends on style - please inquire with us. Ranges from 19.99 - 29.99$ per item

Add tie straps to bottoms - 12.99

Change to a bra cup style (available on two piece options - padded underbidder cup instead of triangle)

ANY customizations please contact us for pricing before placing your order - customizations are not accepted on orders directly off the website. When you order off the website you will get the item as shown

FEES/ RATES explanation

Our Crystals and Fabrics are TOP grade quality and all items are handmade to order.

Our fabrics are highest quality Spandex/Nylon blends, Chiffons & Silks(special order) that you can get

Crystals are Swarovski & Czech & many of our beads, pearls & gems are also Swarovski elements or Czech elements

Our prices are very fair for the garments you receive, and we do our best to allow as much customization as possible.


Customizations, changes, diff sizes , additions, etc is more work, requires more or different materials and often new patterns to be made.


This is a luxury option to be able to customize your item, and we are one of the only brands that allows you to change up what you see online , yet we still keep our prices as low as we can compared to other competitive brands 

Any and ALL changes or customizations are accepted via special order. When you order directly off the website there will be no changes, you get what you order as -is online.

Thanks! Message sent.