Treat your luxury items with love and care

Keep me pretty

Although keeping these pieces as poolside items is recommended, almost all of our suits can be worn in water, with the exception of items that have jewelry pieces as over time harsh salts and chlorine can tarnish them.

It is our suggestion that any suits with Jewelry (hardware like jewelry sides, accessories) are not exposed to salt water and chlorine.

Over time, harsh chemicals like chlorine and salt water can tarnish the pretty jewelry on your suits, so it is best that you do not expose them to these chemicals.

If you are going to be wearing them in water, make sure you rinse your suits with cold fresh water after exposure, and pat to dry. Make sure all crystals and Jewelry pieces are completely dry.

Please dry-clean or hand wash all Ottilia swimsuits , with mild detergent , and lay flat to dry.

If hand washing suits , avoiding crystal areas and jewelry is suggested.

This will pro-long the life of your items, and we want to keep them looking their best forever ! 

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Keep me forever

ou can also purchase our beautiful handmade crystal pouches to store each suit in

If you have any questions about a specific suit or any other care instructions please contact us !