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Welcome to THE BLOG

Our BABEspace where we cover all things Bikinis, Babes, Keeping that booty poppin' & everything else Babely.

Here we interview top influencers, fitness models, bikinis babes and celebs we work with to get their secret tips and tricks on keeping bikini body ready all year round, confidence in a bikini & tons of other fun stuff ! 

Because who doesn't love babes and bikinis ! 

Daily quick bikini booty-fit workouts

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What bikini style best suits your body?

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Bikini & Fitness Influencer Interviews 

Tips, tricks & secrets used by some of the hottest influencers, trainers and bikini models !

Karmelle Renee'

Ottilia & Sugar Founder & Designer


Rianna Forbes

Bad ass Fitness Trainer, Bikini Model & Creator of "Ri-Build"

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